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The benefits of airless spray painting!

We can cover any surface such as: Roofs, Walls, Fences and much more.

Covers any Surface

Airless sprayers can be used on any surface: Metal, Roof Tiles, Bricks, Wood, Cladding, Concrete, etc. because they do not come into direct contact with the surface. They also offer quality finish regardless of the type of surface. 


Completely Smooth Finish

At WoW Painting we use a specific technique which ensures that every coat is evenly spread across the contact surface. However, this is only possible if the painter has experience and know-how. Areas like textured walls and uneven surfaces would also benefit from this type of painting. Due to the even coats delivered by this painting technique, you are assured of a superb quality finish. Whether the method is used for domestic or commercial purposes, a quality finish is guaranteed.

Highly Cost Effective

Compared to other painting techniques, airless paint spraying is more cost-efficient. The main reason is that it does not take a lot of time to complete hence reducing the cost of labour. It also eliminates issues like misuse of paint, which helps to save money. Airless painters can be used across a wide range of coating materials hence removing the need to purchase different painting equipment. 

Quick on Large Areas

One of the main benefits of spray painting is the fact that it is speedy and efficient. Spray painting is done faster than conventional painting methods such as using rollers and brushes. The technique is, therefore, ideal when dealing with extensive projects and large areas. The speed does not compromise the uniformity of its application and the aesthetics of the finish.


Very pleased with the end result. What was promised was delivered. Exceeded my expectations.
Steven Moore
Exceptional service with the highest quality of finishes. I would highly recommend these guys. Very knowledgeable and professional.
Tom Pain
Excellent in all areas and have done an immaculate job. Have already agreed more work to be done and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Dale Johns

What is Airless Spray painting?

WoW Painting & Decorating Worthing uses an airless paint sprayer to pump paint at very high pressure through a hose and nozzle. The pressure forces the paint out through the tiny nozzle found on the tip of the spray gun. The role of the tip is to break up the paint evenly into a spray pattern of tiny particles that are shaped like a fan. At WoW Painting & Decorating we are highly experienced and trained, therefore, high quality finish is guaranteed. 

Indoor and Outdoor Application

Airless sprayers can also be used for both interior and exterior decorating projects. The fact that they come in a compact size helps to make this possible as they can be moved effortlessly from one pace to the other. When used indoors, airless sprayers can also be used on doors, cabinets and other indoor areas that are made from wood.

Other Services

We also have available a High Pressure Jet Wash that can deep clean all your external walls, driveway, roof, decking, etc. For more information regarding the Jet Wash Services get in touch with us.

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